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    MAGNETRON S.A. supplies its customers with a product built according to the most advanced manufacturing technology using the best quality materials.

    Through the years we have managed to establish a system for the design and calculation of transformers that allows us to obtain the most economical alternative according to the customer's needs, following the requirements of the technical standards and the equipment reliability concept.

    Our manufacturing processes are the product of more than 40 years of experience in the sector and have been developed by Colombian engineers inspired by the basic concepts of manufacturing the best technologies worldwide.

     Quality control is a fundamental part of our organization, which is why we choose our raw material suppliers in accordance with the quality management system of their products. We have established a strict control in the receipt of materials in the factory.

     The process and the finished product control on each produced unit, results in a high reliability product, allowing our product to always successfully support all the controls and tests to which they have been submitted by our client quality control systems.

    The aforementioned has allowed us to maintain our Quality Management System certified under ISO 9001: 2015 since 1999, it has also allowed us to guarantee our customers satisfaction and to demonstrate our ability to supply products that meet the world highest quality standards.

    Industrias Electromecánicas Magnetrón S.A.S.
    Km 9 vía Pereira - Cartago
    PBX (6)3157100 FAX (6)3157110
    Pereira - Colombia