Occupational safety and health (OSH)

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    Occupational safety and health

    MAGNETRON S.A.S. is an Organization committed to the integral care of its staff, through the identification of the dangers present in each of the production processes of the organization. This information, together with the analysis of accident indicators, the investigation of work accidents and based on the current legal framework, is leading us to create a culture of safety. To consolidate the above, strategic objectives have been established to reduce accidents and prevent the occurrence of work accidents such as: Safe work at heights, Control of hazardous energies, Proper use of Protection Elements, Emergency Care, among others.

    The integral health of our collaborators is fundamental and for this reason, we develop activities aimed not only at recovery but at prevention, promoting self-care.

    The Organization guarantees compliance with the current legislation on Occupational Health and Safety, through the documentation and implementation of procedures.

    Compliance with the standards is extended to the contractor´s personnel, ensuring the integrity not only of the personnel themselves but also of contractors and visitors.

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