Pad-Mounted Transformer

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    fotoboton datasheet inglesfotoboton installation guideline inglesfotoboton guideline inglesPad Mounted-type transformers are used as part of distribution systems. Pad Mounted transformers are used as part of underground distribution systems, suitable for residential applications, tourist sites, hotels, buildings, among others, as they have sealed safety compartments for both high and low voltages, which means that they operate safely, preventing possible public accidents. The Pad Mounted type transformer is a device inside a cabinet, that is usually located outdoors, with medium voltage dead front terminals and equipped with locking doors. The single-phase transformers are designed to operate fed by the primary in a phase-earth system to avoid ferro-resonance effects.

    There are two basic configurations of these transformers: radial configuration and ring or mesh configuration (a configuration must be selected depending on the type of circuit on which the transformers will be installed)

    For the Radial configuration, the transformer is connected to the primary supply line and it does not allow the continuation of this through it.

    Mesh configuration. This system is characterized because the transformer is connected to the primary power line allowing it to feed other loads through it.

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