Power Transformers

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    fotoboton datasheet inglesThe IEEE standard C57.12.80 © defines the power transformer as a transformer that transfers electrical energy in any part of the circuit between the generation source and the primary distribution circuits, and the distribution transformer is defined as a transformer that transfers electrical energy from a primary distribution circuit, to a secondary distribution circuit or to a user's service circuit.

    The small power transformers manufactured by Magnetron, are mainly used in industrial service loads, shopping centers, educational centers and electric utility institutions and substations.

    • They are single-phase manufactured in powers from 250 kVA to 500 kVA and three-phase from 630 kVA to 10000 kVA ONAN / ONAF, in voltages up to 34.5 kV, complying with NTC, ANSI, IEC, standards or customer specifications.
    • The transformer tanks that require Buchholz relay protection, have attached expansion tanks to show any anomaly or internal failure, allowing to raise the oil level to the highest point of the high voltage insulators, improving its isolation and cooling.
    • These transformers can be requested by customers with additional control and protection accessories for temperature, oil level, over-pressure or humidity according to the needs.
    • They are equipped, according to the standard, with adjustable flat wheels, crawling and thermowell devices, so that the client, if desired, can place a thermometer.
    • Radiators are permanently weld-attached to the tank. However, if the client requests it, they can be built with removable radiators.

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