Manufacturing processes

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    The transformers are typically constituted by an active part formed by the core (magnetic circuit), the coil (electrical circuit) and the flange, which is defined depending on the type of transformer, in a tank that gives particular characteristics to the equipment according to the use for which it will be intended.


    They are manufactured in concentric form and rectangular section, in powers up to 2000 kVA; and of circular or rectangular section, for powers higher than 2000 kVA, with copper or aluminum strips and enameled copper wires of rectangular or circular section, both for the low voltage circuit and for the high voltage circuit. For the insulation we use the highest quality papers, coated with epoxy resins that adhere to the conductors in a compact mass at the time of drying, which allows the coils a high resistance to mechanical short-circuit stresses.


    They are of the shell type rolled for powers up to 2000 kVA, with inter-irons turn-by-turn armed by groups, which allows an easy armed and disarmed without loss of its dimensional characteristics, thus guaranteeing very low loss levels and excitation currents. In addition, we build stacked type cores of rectangular section or stepped section for powers greater than 2000 kVA. The material used is oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, insulated on both sides, with low losses and high permeability.


    For rolled cores, they are made of Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled steel sheet, so that they embrace the core, provided with independent screwed covers that allow easy dismantling to carry out maintenance. For the stacked cores, "U" channels are used, duly adjusted with longitudinal and transverse tensioners. In both cases, the adjustments allow to guarantee a high resistance to the mechanical short circuit stresses, in addition to a very low noise level and low excitation currents.


    The single-phase transformers are designed and constructed in a circular manner in Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled steel sheet. The three-phase transformers are built in a rectangular shape, in Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled steel sheet, with reinforcements that allow them to withstand the internal pressures produced by the increase in temperature and mechanical stress in the handling and installation of the equipment.

    They have attached, in accordance with the transformer power, radiators built in Cold Rolled steel sheet, which can be fixed or removable, allowing to keep the internal temperature levels of the equipment in accordance with the respective standards.


    The distribution transformers work as an integral part of a distribution system, therefore, they must have the protections that allow to support the different disturbances of a system. For this, MAGNETRON S.A.S. offers different protection schemes for the equipment, for both, high and low voltage, as well as control and alarm elements to control basic functions of the equipment such as over-pressure, temperature, oil level, internal gas generation and humidity control, according to customer needs.


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