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    MAGNETRON S.A.S., is an organization committed to the preservation of the environment through the identification and control of its significant environmental aspects. For this, it has an Environmental Management System that involves modern infrastructure works and the maintenance of a permanent culture of its human resources towards respect for its environment.

    Among the works mentioned are the domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants, which ensure high levels of removal of the contaminants of these discharges and the collection center for solid waste, where they are classified, segregated and stored in an orderly manner to be subsequently incorporated into the recycling chain and reused in new production processes.

    The Department of Environmental Management, led by qualified personnel, constantly assesses environmental performance through the cycle of continuous improvement, defining and guiding the activities towards the achievement of the proposed goals and the fulfillment of the Organization's mission.

    The above is achieved through strict operational controls on environmental matters and the use of various technical and technological tools, which demonstrate the Organization's efforts towards achieving cleaner production and compliance with environmental legal requirements, giving added value to their products and contributing to the sustainable development of the region.

    Industrias Electromecánicas Magnetrón S.A.S.
    Km 9 vía Pereira - Cartago
    PBX (6)3157100 FAX (6)3157110
    Pereira - Colombia