Dry Type, Class F Transformers

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    • The dry transformers clas F encapsulated in epoxy resins have reached a high degree of reliability in such a way that they can be used in places with a high percentage of humidity and contamination, eliminating problems such as fire risks and emissions of toxic and harmful substances. They are made of insulating materials that retard the flame and are self-extinguishing.
    • We supply 15 kVA to 30,000 kVA three-phase transformers according to ANSI and IEC standards.

    This transformer is designed to work in adverse conditions. Here we establish the equipment reliability:

    • E2, environmental class. The transformer can be subjected to a consistent condensation or to an intense contamination or to a combination of both phenomena.
    • C2, climate class. The transformer is designed to work, be transported and stored at ambient temperatures down to -25 ° C.
    • F1, behavior against fire. The transformer is subject to fire risk. Within a certain time, agreed between manufacturer and buyer, the fire has to be extinguished. The emission of toxic substances and opaque fumes must be minimal.

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