Physical Safety

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    MAGNETRON S.A.S. establishes a permanent control over its processes, for the delivery of a product in optimal safety conditions to its customers, avoiding illicit activities that could affect the ethics and the good name of the organization.

    To that end, we work with qualified and committed personnel to comply with each of the global security standards and procedures applied to the logistics chain of international trade (storage, transportation, shipping, delivery to the customer) of our products.

    Since 2020 our organization has been certified OEA (Operator Economic Authorized) through DIAN Resolutions 006259 as Importer and 006260 as Exporter for Magnetron SAS, which replaces the BASC certification, assuring our clients and the authorities the control of our processes, guaranteeing that they are free of traffic and / or contraband, facilitating the transit of our products through ports, airports and customs.

    The entire organization participates actively in safety at all levels, in order to meet safety objectives (control of internal processes and safety conditions).

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