Switchgear Box

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    fotoboton datasheet inglesfotoboton guideline inglesThe switchgear boxes are designed and constructed in different types (conventional or temporary submersible) depending on customer requirements, subject to the NTC standard, and the provision of accessories and enclosure of the ANSI standard.

    They are used for the derivation of urban underground circuits and the interconnection of different substations in residential complexes, at 15 kV - 25 kV and 34.5 kV (150 kV BIL) voltage levels.

    The SEQUENTIAL MESH switchgear box type, has an input, an output and a 200A or 600A derivation, connected through a 300A or 600A disconnector with 4 sequential operation positions, which implies that at a specific time, other positions must be temporary sectioned in order to reach the desired position.

    The SELECTIVE MESH type, has an input, an output and one, two or three additional derivations in 200A or 600A, connected through the same giving number of selective operation ON-OFF switches; these boxes have the flexibility to independently section each circuit, in addition to connecting multiple transformers.

    All their connection elements are of the elastomeric type, such as well type bushings, insert bushings and under load disconnecting elbows.

    The switchgear boxes are equipped with a front access cabinet that allows easy maneuverability for the connection and disconnection of the elements.

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